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A nasty break up has seen the boyfriend accusing his partner of aborting twice.
Kudzai Kadenge’s affair with Arnold Natsu is on the rocks amid claims that the woman aborted two pregnancies in a space of seven months.

However, Kudzai has another tale claiming that Arnold is a thief who stole her laptop and money.

Apart from the abortions, their breakup was also fuelled by Arnold’s discovery that Kudzai was sending nu_de pictures to other men whom she was allegedly cheating with.

In an interview, Arnold said Kudzai’s abortions were enough proof that she was not serious with their relationship.
“I wanted to have a serious relationship with her but I realised that we were not on the same page because she kept on aborting and to me it meant she was not serious about the relationship.

“Our relationship started last year when we were in South Africa, we started cohabiting and eventually she fell pregnant with my baby.

“I came back to Zimbabwe and when I left she then confessed whilst I was still in Zimbabwe that she had aborted the pregnancy.

“She even sent me pictures of blood caused by the abortion.

“At first I forgave her after she made an excuse saying she was not ready to be a mother.

“The second time she fell pregnant again and when I came to Zimbabwe I again she made that same confession. I couldn’t take it anymore that is why I then decide to call it quits,” said Arnold.
He added that he was disturbed when he found out that Kudzai was sending nude pictures to another man.

“There is nothing so heart breaking as knowing that someone whom you had given your heart to is sleeping with another man.

“I got hold of her phone and I discovered that she was having an affair with another man whom she was sending nude pictures,” he said.

Even after their breakup, Arnold claims that Kudzai is still pestering him to give her a second chance by impregnating her again.

“She has been on my case lately persuading me to have sex with her so that she falls pregnant again but I have now had enough of her because I feel she is using me as a se_x machine,” he said.
H-Metro are in possession of WhatsApp messages and voice notes where Kudzai confirmed to be pregnant with Arnold’s baby.

However, when contacted for comment Kudzai denied to have ever carried Arnold’s child.

She said she parted ways with Arnold because he had stolen her laptop and had also been in the habit of withdrawing her money from the bank without her consent.

“All that he has said to you are lies; he just wants to tarnish my image because he still wants me in his life and he cannot accept the fact that I no longer love him.

“The truth is our breakup was because he stole my father’s laptop and he was also in the habit of withdrawing money from my account without my approval,” she said.

Source-H MetroWoman

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