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On an ugly turn of events, a city man yesterday told the civil court that his wife was a pr_ostitute, who is incapable of loving and caring for their minors. Norman Kesha told civil court magistrate Yeukai Dzuda during an application for access that his wife, Chiedza Machukuti was not a fit woman to have unsupervised access of their three minor children.

“This woman is a liar and drunkard. I am sorry to say this but she is also a prostitute who abuses children and cannot be trusted to be left with the children all by herself. I can obtain records from Childline that show the many times that she was reported for abuse. She also brought men into our bedroom in the presence of the minor children and I do not think that it will be fair on the children to visit her because of her wayward behaviour. She has a serious drinking problem that even her parents failed to control her. It is when she is drunk, which is most of the time that she behaves like an animal. she is of violent disposition. At one point she threatened to burn one of our children and she always carries a knife around. I once found a knife wrapped in a newspaper placed on top of our wardrobe,” he argued.

Chiedza however, denied the allegations arguing that Norman was the liar.

“He is the one lying. I am not a bad mother like he wants the court to believe. I call my children from time to time but he does not allow them to speak to me. He is poisoning my children against me. They now call me names which clearly shows that he is the one influencing them. I do not think that if I was a drunkard I would be as healthy as I am. All I want is access to my children. I am their mother and I deserve to be with them. I am not a prostitute like he is claiming. I work hard to provide for my children but all he is doing is pushing them away from me,” argued Chiedza.

The matter was postponed to enable both parents to furnish the court with evidence of what they claimed.

Source-H Metro

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