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President Robert Mugabe has opened a can of worms right in front of Emmerson Mnangagwa’s wife as he for the first time speaks on the near assassination of Godfrey Manjonga by his deputy Mnangagwa.

Mugabe explained that Professor Jonathan Moyo’s charge sheet against Mngangagwa, in which the latter fought over a lover with Manjonga giving the journalist an option to sit on a hot stove or jump off the second or third floor of a building.

“Angova chirema but he still has his brains,” said Mugabe of Manjonga.

Manjonga did not make a police report apparently out of fear. Mugabe explained that when grilled on the matter that has been in the rumour mill for years now, Mnangagwa said he will respond when he feels better. Mugabe also cautioned Mnangagwa to throw away the “I am boss” mug as it was causing problems.

“I asked where Lacoste came from and Emmerson said he did not know. Kana chiri chiCup, chirasei. Zvino munhu angafira chiCup ?,” quizzes Pres Mugabe.

Moyo arrived at a politburo meeting recently with three smart boards, and for more than 70 minutes, the room fell silent as an elaborately-produced video played in the room — a catalogue of Mnangagwa’s alleged crimes against the party and government, insiders have told journalists.

Mnangagwa, Moyo claimed in the video, had assembled a team of at least 482 dedicated foot soldiers around the country who were advancing his “successionist” cause.

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