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A CHITUNGWIZA woman has said her neighbours, who labelled her a witch, cannot do anything to her even if she is responsible for the death of her daughter-in-law.

Gogo Etina Kamangirwa also told the court that her neighbours claim she has a snake which waters her garden.

This was revealed at the Harare civil court where Kamangirwa had gone to seek for a protection order against her three neighbours Locadia Rice, Director Garamwera and Portia Karembera.

"Your Worship, they call me a witch and they say I am the one who killed my daughter-in-law. If I am the one who killed her they cannot do anything about it. I know I am a witch and the snake which they go around telling everyone that it waters my garden is mine and they can’t destroy it.

"I have heard them during prayer saying that God should kill witches but they cannot tell God what to do since He is the one who created witches as well. Recently I took one of them to court and he was convicted of labelling me a witch and they tell their friends that I am planning to kill their children," she said.

In response the trio professed ignorance over the allegations and told the court that it is Kamangirwa who insults them instead.

The presiding magistrate granted the protection ordered and advised both parties to maintain peace towards each other.

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