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Powerful First Lady Grace Mugabe has sanctioned the dismissal of Zanu PF Women’s League National Executive member, Aliginia Samson, it has emerged.

Party sources told Zimeye that Samson, a strong member of the Team Lacoste faction crossed paths with Mrs Mugabe because of her links to Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Samson was the deputy secretary for administration in the Women’s League before she was axed by the First Lady.

"Samson is a strong Team Lacoste member. She was fired by the First Lady for her association with Mnangagwa. She is now an ordinary card carrying member," claimed a party source.

However some sources claimed Samson resigned citing heightening political tension. Zanu PF Women’s League Provincial chairperson, Veronica Makonese confirmed she received a letter from the First Lady.

"I received a letter from the head office. Samson is now a card carrying member. I am yet to inform other provincial members about the letter," said Makonese.

Samson said she was oblivious of the letter and its contents. "As far as I am concerned, I am still a member of the Zanu PF Women’s League National Executive," said Samson. Mrs Mugabe is determined to elbow out all Team Lacoste members, party sources have said.

"The war has just begun, heads will certainly roll as the First Lady is fighting back because she knows Masvingo Province is dominated by Lacoste members. She could not come to Masvingo because she knew the environment was not conducive for her," said a senior party official.

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