facebook Share on Facebook A poor public address system yesterday blurred President Mugabe’s Independence Day celebration speech, leaving Information ministry officials in fix.

Mugabe's speech was inaudible to the rest of the venue, the National Sports Stadium. As a result, Mugabe finished his speech without the usual cheers of acknowledgment from the crowds who appeared unconcerned. In his speech, Mugabe had painted a rosy picture of the crumbling economy.

For the first time since 1980, Mugabe rode into the stadium in his official Presidential car which dropped him a few metres from the dais. He also skipped his traditional lap around the giant stadium, just heading straight for the guard of honour in a military truck with fitted stairs.
Mugabe also needed help to light the Flame of Freedom hardly holding theto rch while he needed a helping hand to reach out and light the flame.

Just after Mugabe’s speech, police engaged in running battles with Highlanders and Dynamos supporters who wanted to enter the already-packed stadium.

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