PHARMACEUTICAL companies yesterday said they were on the verge of closing shop, as local banks were failing to make international transactions for drug imports, with some of the major public hospitals only left with a few weeks’ supply.


Pharmaceutical Society of Zimbabwe president, Wilfred Gurupira, said they were facing challenges importing drugs owing to the payment systems using their nostro accounts.

“We are aware that companies are facing that problem and drugs could run

TWO suspected thieves were on Saturday morning shot and injured in an encounter with security guards inside the customs and excise yard at Beitbridge Border Post.

An authoritative source at the border post said the suspects were caught trying to steal from a parked truck.

“That report should be at the police post in the border post. The guard is said to have caught the men armed with a machete and knife and trying to slit open a tent, when he stopped them,” the source said.

SIX years after Nomsa Masango and her family were relocated from the Chiadzwa diamond mining area in Manicaland to Arda Transau, the only benefit she has accrued is a four-roomed house built by Anjin, and the rest is a sad tale.

The over-sized faded clothes she wears and worn out slippers are enough to show the level of her impoverishment.

Several other seemingly impoverished Arda Transau villagers gathered around the visiting delegation of MPs from the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee

In Zimbabwe male stri_ppers are no longer just being used to send off a bride — well-heeled women now simply gather, even just a few of them, and hire a man or two to dance and stri_p for them. Unlike female stri_ppers, who can be anything from pot-bellied to being a “proud plus size” woman — when it comes to male stri_ppers, the rules are strict.

One has to have a “chiseled body”. In short, they need to be a body builder or fitness enthusiast looking like

Isaiah Marange (33) hacked into OK Zimbabwe’s Money Wave System before stealing the money. He appeared before Harare magistrate Ms Rumbidzai Mugwagwa last Friday facing fraud charges and was remanded to February 14 on $300 bail.

The court heard that on Christmas Day last year, Marange opened a Money Wave account at OK Mart with an initial deposit of $5 using the name Kundai Liberty Musamba.

On Boxing Day, Marange hacked the OK Zimbabwe Money Wave System and fictitiously credited $35

Musician Taso has quit the industry in frustration..

Taso real name Shepherd Kunodziya said he was now focusing on his work as a hospital equipment technician working for private hospitals at the same time buying and selling cars.

“I have to survive my friend and the country’s economy in the last few years saw musicians struggling to make ends meet. I had to do something to eke out a living,” he said.

Taso said he also has his sights on mining. “I will be

The headmaster of Gokomere High School, Mr Stanley Mutsambiwa has been suspended, it has been confirmed.

 He is alleged to have embezzled school funds. Masvingo provincial education director Mr Zadius Chitiga said Mr Mutsambiwa was suspended when schools opened for the first term last Tuesday, pending investigations.

He declined to provide the amount of money which Mr Mutsambiwa is alleged to have embezzled.

“It is true that we have suspended Mr Mutsambiwa pending

Dr Shingi Munyeza criticism of Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa’s call to his congregation to seed certain amounts of money during the New Year’s Eve crossover service was nothing short of shocking given that the two were known bosom buddies to say the least if the invitation by Makandiwa to Munyeza to speak at the billionaire Mindset Summit is anything to go by. The statements by Munyeza baffled many.

Several clergy men were interviewed by the press over the call by Makandiwa, with

 1. Kissing can make or break your chances of going further with her. No woman enjoys kissing a man who isn’t there mentally, does it haphazardly or a man who is blind to body language. A woman wants to be kissed like your whole existence depends on the kiss.

2. She loves looking him in the eye to see how much her man is into her. No woman likes a meek lover who won’t look her in the eye.

3. She loves it when you play with her ti_ts. Her nip_ples and are_olae are very

Celebrated Malawian prophet, Shepherd Bushiri has established a church in Bulawayo.

Housed in Belmont, along Fife Street extension ECG Bulawayo, the Enlightened Christian Gathering Ministries is led by Pastor Patrick Boanerge.

According to Pastor Boanerge, Prophet Bushiri, who is popularly referred to as Major 1, prophesied in 2014 that his biggest branch out of all branches would be in Bulawayo. Pastor Boanerge told Sunday News that progress into establishing and registering the church

The much awaited $5 bond note denomination is set to be released into circulation by March this year, with indications the number of Point of Sale (POS) machines has soared to 30 000 from 9 000 in the past few months, as the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) continues to ramp-up efforts to ease cash shortages.The country last week noted a reduction in bank queues following the introduction of bond notes although there is still massive pressure by members of the public on banks to disburse higher

Days after reversing extortionist government-approved mobile data charges by Econet Wireless, Information Communication Technology and Courier Services minister Supa Mandiwanzira is yet to know peace.

Mandiwanzira was hounded out of his holiday by angry Zimbabweans on social media after the country’s largest mobile phone operator by subscription, Econet Wireless, announced shocking mobile data charges that went up 25 times in a flash and he had to do the unprecedented by intervening

Fresh factional fighting has broken out in President Robert Mugabe’s home province of Mashonaland West, with the regional women’s league moving to “dump” one of Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s fiercest critics, Sarah Mahoka, over allegations of causing chaos in the ruling party.

So ugly have the ructions become that some of the Zanu PF women’s league members are apparently seeking audience with powerful First Lady Grace Mugabe to “get an

“My favourite chore is sweeping the yard twice a day and drinking tea with eight sugars,” remarks Mrs Miriam Mpengesi, a Xhosa centenarian from Cowdray Park suburb in Bulawayo.

Mrs Mpengesi turns 103 years tomorrow and says reading the Bible and prayer were the reasons behind her long life.

She told The Chronicle that her husband died in 1978 and that she decided to raise her 12 children on her own from then.

Only one, aged 68 years, is alive.

“I was born on

One of the maids who stole from their employer wailed in court, saying she cannot stand the tough prison conditions.

“Please Your Worship, may we be allowed to go home. Jail life is difficult. May we come to court from our homes,” Florence Phiri said in-between tears.

Eunice Mabhena (50) and Phiri (43) stole $28 000 from their employer, Mrs Permian Macheka, in October last year. Mrs Macheka of Hillside suburb had sold 52 head of cattle to raise the money. The two have been in

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